Hispanic enrollment Services

For employers with Hispanic employees who speak little or no English, Cornerstone Enrollment Services’ comprehensive Hispanic Enrollment Service® offers turn-key Spanish-language enrollment. 

With growing numbers of Hispanics in the workplace, communicating benefits to and enrolling Hispanic workers who speak little or no English is a challenge facing many U.S. employers.

A study of barriers to health coverage for Hispanic workers concluded, “The [benefit materials] are many times not written in Spanish, making it very difficult for non-English speaking employees to have access to this information, [which] affects the number of new hires that enroll.” (Snapshot in Time Close-Up, State Public Policy Group, 2000)

In response to this pressing need, Cornerstone’s Hispanic enrollment provides the following:

  • A complete, turn-key enrollment in Spanish
  • Bilingual presentations for group meetings and one-on-one marketing materials in Spanish;
  • Bilingual call-center capabilities;
  • Bilingual, salaried career benefit counselors; and
  • Insurance policies in Spanish (certain carriers only).

Cornerstone’s Hispanic Enrollment Service® integrates seamlessly with English-language enrollment and provides an enrollment that includes, educates and enrolls Hispanic employees.