Online Enrollment

As the trend from paper enrollment to web-enabled online transactions evolves, Cornerstone Enrollment Services can ensure a smooth transition for both HR and company employees. The reality is that moving enrollment online involves a much bigger challenge than just finding the right technology.

Solving the technology issue

When your client wants an online benefits enrollment and administrative platform, it’s easy to get over-whelmed with the research and due diligence required to find the best performance value in an online platform. As part of its consultative service, Cornerstone has already done the homework, performed the due diligence, and identified several preferred online benefit platforms that will meet the needs of human resources, the CFO and employees. Cornerstone can partner with you to determine which of the leading online platforms will provide the online benefits solution that will work for you and your client. 

Addressing the human issue

The greatest challenge to a successful transition to enrollment online isn’t technology… it’s the employees. Overcoming employees’ resistance to change and assisting those with a fear of technology is the key to a successful move to online enrollment.

One-on-one enrollment training 

To ease the employee’s transition to online benefits enrollment, Cornerstone provides one-on-one training and enrollment of each employee on the new online system at no charge as part of a Voluntary Work site Benefits program enrolled by Cornerstone Enrollment Services.

Making Online Enrollment Work

By giving each employee a personalized introduction to the new online enrollment system, Cornerstone benefit counselors can reduce employee anxiety, increase morale, and assure a smooth online enrollment in the first year and ensuing years. Additionally, the benefit counselors can communicate key messages from HR and management, such as emphasizing the strength and value of the core benefits package or touting the value of 401(k) participation.