The Solution to Your Enrollment

Enrollment Professionals Are A Great Idea

Enrollment Professionals are the hammer to the nail, the bottom line, the closer — the perfect partner for brokers. We are the enrollment professionals to get the job done.

As an experienced enrollment firm, we understand that a broker has so many elements to manage with their larger clients. While handling the essential benefits, it is exceptionally challenging to make the time for an effective enrollment strategy: that’s where we come in.

A good enrollment firm strives to create high levels of job satisfaction and leave employees with a strong foundational understanding of benefits through educational one-on-one sessions.

1. Keeping the Employee Satisfied

Due to the specialized nature of our field, we have the resources and the time to devote personal benefit communication for each employee to ensure a thorough education and one that will endure after the enrollment process.

During these sessions there are no bad questions. Every employee is treated with respect and receives a specifically curated benefit recommendation depending on each employee’s unique needs.  

Remember being in class? Asking a question in front of your peers can be nerve racking, and this is the philosophy behind our one-on-one meetings. We want to give employees the freedom to ask the personal questions, the embarrassing questions, and even the ones that might challenge us — this trust and comfort begins with showing a personalized interest in the employee.

2. We Make An Impact

As is expected, with increased employee understanding and benefit comprehension comes increased employer satisfaction. Satisfied employees are significantly more prone to be loyal to their job, their employer and their peers. Many employees derive this satisfaction from helpful benefits.

As an enrollment partner, we are able to assist employers with technical solutions to alleviate some of the many stresses of administration and communication. We are also able to help relay messaging in regards to wellness benefits and company priorities.

Not only do we make an impact at the company level, but our solutions last. We hope that every employee has such a thorough understanding of their benefit options, that one day maybe they could even teach a peer.

3. We Are An Adaptable Solution

Due to our particular set of resources and skills, we are uniquely gifted at handling large groups of employees, even in situations where communication may be difficult. Thanks to our one on one approach, integrated call center and screen share technology, we are able to communicate effectively with any employee wherever they may be - and beyond working hours

We are an enrollment firm that swears by efficiency. We are able to work most effectively when a broker and their client integrates supplemental with the medical and ancillary benefits offering. This way we are able to handle both at the same time — making clearer the distinctions between the two and helping to educate the employees.

The benefits of working with an enrollment professional are obvious.  Ultimately, brokers save time, personnel and are able to offer a more permanent benefit enrollment process through partnering with an enrollment partner, like Cornerstone. Due to our integrated call center and various technological solutions, we are able to take on large clients, no matter where they are. We aren’t the only solution, but we think there’s a good chance we are exactly what you’re looking for.

Give us a call and let’s discuss your enrollment or communication need - (888) 384-5017. We look forward to working with you, The Cornerstone Team