Year Three: Optimized Enrollment

Creating success in a 3rd year re-enrollment which exceeded the outcomes the prior enrollment firm managed in the 1st & 2nd years

Facts of Enrollment

A 2,600-life group across seven locations in Southern California. Tight coordination with location supervisors and three specific languages needed for this manufacturing group; this was not accomplished in years one and two. With excellent HR engagement and the recruitment of a strong team of multi-lingual counselors, Cornerstone improved the communication and enrollment of both core and voluntary benefits.

The Challenge

  • Hire and train for multi-lingual enrollment

  • Schedule 23 counselors for each locations to the satisfaction of each onsite benefit manager

  • Successfully communicate and educate employees on a broad selection of benefits

  • Navigate two distinctively different enrollment platforms: ADP & carrier enrollment system

The Solution

  • Provide the requested amount of bilingual benefit counselors enabling us to see over 90% of benefit eligible employees

  • Develop a rapport with onsite managers to ensure the proper engagement of employees

  • Train benefit counselors to toggle between two enrollment platforms to elect core and voluntary benefits and educate employees on the value of each plan offered

The Result

  • 1,107 application written for voluntary benefits, resulting in AP of $340,000 which is more than the incumbent enrollment firm wrote in year one

  • Employees educated on the value of each benefit and introduced on how to make election in the group benefit administration solution

  • Electronically delivered a payroll deduction file for all new benefits to HR payroll team